Season 1 Redux Part 1

Something has gone all sideways with our feed, so here’s our chance to revisit season one, and laugh at how awkward we were. SO MANY DROP-INS!!!1!!

Features modesty trimmed versions of episodes 1-4 of season one.

Music (at the end): Carl Fenton’s Orchestra, “Sweet Lady” 1921
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S01 E01 – How Smoke Daddy Got His Job
Accuracy Third is a podcast collecting an oral history of Black Rock. We are looking for your very best stories from and about That Thing In The Desert. This episode introduces your hosts, Rex & D-Day, and our illustrious producer, Drunk Beth. Starring Smoke Daddy & Andale’.

S01 E02 – Violet’s Passions
Rex & D-Day interview Violet, who has a lot to say about different facets of passion at Burning Man, with her friend and D-Day’s wife, Creampie, piping up in the background, while Drunk Beth arrives to the recording session a little too late to contain D-Day’s poor voice modulation.

S01 E03 – Jon Was a Teenage Juggler
Drunk Beth’s boyfriend Jon tells Rex & D-day about his playa wedding and how burning man is like juggling festivals. There’s a lot about everyone’s weddings, actually, before Creampie shares a story about some very exclusive swings.

S01 E04 – O-Ring Von Brownflower Wipes Out
O-Ring Von Brownflower talks to D-Day, Rex, and Drunk Beth about the life choices that you wouldn’t expect would bring you to Black Rock City. There’s also a quick discussion about non-standard Burning Man kites, and then boy, do we hear about an impressive playa injury.

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