Accuracy Third likes music. And we want you to discover the great music our friends make. We’ll be updating this page with the musicians and bands we feature in our podcast. Burning Man podcast

And if your band wants to lend melodies to our soundscape, let us know!

Accuracy Third Theme
“Experience 1st” by Damien & Jim

D-day’s Playa Daze SPOTIFY

Accuracy Third Episode Artists SPOTIFY

SEASON 2 Featured Artists
Sporeganic – Episode 5
THAT Damn Band – Episode 6
TreyZilla – Episode 7

SURVIVAL GUIDE Featured Artists
Midtown Social – Part 1
Vagabondage – Part 2
Midtown Social – Part 3

SEASON 1 Featured Artists
Wildlife Control – Episode 4
Coywolf – Episode 5
Vagabondage – Episode 6

Burning Man podcast


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