S05 E19 – Daft Punk Plays @ The Trash Fence

Sticky hand stuff. Ty’s BLOG. OUR survival guide. The AEZ & Poni. Naked raver hippie anarchists. The Trump DEA, specifically. Itemized grocery shit. Some people don’t like it. Funnel Vision’s big mistake. Hang a blinky light from it. Not a can’t-er; a won’t-er. YOU’RE going to DIE (some years.) Themeless camps. Tamping it down. Fall Zone Circus. Temple of Gravity. The mechanics of The Sonic Runway. The Universal Life Experience Gay Orgy Tent. THat’s probably where it is. Daddy Culture or: How I Learned to Stop Judging and Implore Listeners to Send Rex Leather Captain Hats. A shanking offense. The Dildo Garden. A one-of-a-kind episode.


Music: Wate “Message from the Cosmos (Instrumental)”

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