We Are Burners. We Are Volunteers.
BETH is A3rd’s co-host and our editor and producer. She is the millstone of quality around our necks.
REX is A3rd’s co-host, producer, and the sexy, sassy bait we use to get guests in our shoddy subterranean studio.
D-DAY is A3rd’s co-host, producer and the writer of all these words and plenty others. He’s the rough editor of our interviews, and the graphic designer of our logos and whatnots.
 (is DPW and) is A3rd’s only official Friend-of-the-Show.
KNOT-O is our social media guru.
LEANNE is all up on and in our logistical and back-end shit.
MOTHER OF GOATS is an A3rd Ambassador.
JENNA is an A3rd Ambassador.

If you would like to be an Accuracy Third Ambassador, interview your friends and send us their Burning Man stories! (Check in with us first, though, willya?)


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