Season 1 Redux Part 2

Finalizing the fixing-up of our feed, so prepare for the second-half of our first season in all its awkward glory.

Features modesty trimmed versions of episodes 5-8 of season one.

S01 E05 – Bitten by the Temple of Tetanus
The story of the conception and build of the beautiful Mazu Temple from 2015. We talk to Nathan (aka Witchdoctor,) about the behind-the-scenes pitfalls of getting entangled in a large-scale, transcontinental playa installation.

S01 E06 – How Barbie, Gummybear, & Nathan Lost Their Virginity
Stories about going to Burning Man for the first time. Gummybear flees Yellowstone. How Nathan got hired for Black Rock City. Barbie says Burning Man is transformative.

S01 E07 -Yeah, They’re Not Gonna Like You at the Goldmine
DPW is in the studio today in the form of Xeno, the guy you want to talk to if you need a crew to build you official, DPW-certified shade structures. That’s if you can locate him, though, because there are some times when he finds himself more in need of rescue than anything else. But sometimes, it’s merely a misunderstanding of bloodstained proportions. We also hear from Relay, one of our skilled radio dispatchers, who shares pointed commentary during Xeno’s stories. We’ll highlight her own exploits and experiences in a future episode.

S01 E08 – It’s Like Bend in the Desert
Today, we’re sharing stories about interactions with Law Enforcement Officers in Black Rock City. Foxtrot tells us how she became part of a staff vehicle. Creampie gets pulled over. Rex & D-Day get away with it, separately. Relay has been picked up by law enforcement. A lot. Xeno cannot be compelled. Beth assures us we’re good. We’re good.

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