S05 E18 – The Gateway Drug

Xander & Ginger Beer are #FromGate. Burning a man in effigy, annually. Everyone can make coffee. Big waffle energy. Hello. Contact dancing IS happening. The big storm. Judgment and the dread. Wherefore art thou, Jub-Jub?! Them first and the get-me get-mees. Group bondage culture. Gumshoe rangering. Officer Pig. Mommas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Death Guild. Box Office Beep. “Some” parents. From The Black Hole to the Gate. Yes no no. Smuggling wets. Both-sidesing the bar. Having a moment. Dumpster fires. #NeverForgetTheyAreCops

Music: THAT Damned Band “Phantasmagoric Cabaret” https://thatdamnedband.com/

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