S05 BB13 – Guess Whom

Fence of Thrones. Beth doesn’t know about YouTube. Letters? I told you so. We’re planning for Burning Man. Size queens and that sweet jank. Brown Eye + Eye = Pinkeye. Real bad taste. Happy Birthday Neko. Tara Incogneat-o. D-day and his great themes. It should not be our friends nor large. Caravansary 2.0. Listener-submitted Tik Toks.

Big thanks to 7-11/Ranger Kubrick for all of our amazing YouTube episodes!

AntiDysentery.com Burning Man Music Radio

That Damned Band “Whisky & Beer (For the Love Of)” https://thatdamnedband.com/

Accuracy Third You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHgI-y1x2KFi-eS2N0G51-w

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