S05 E14 – We Don’t Touch Your Stuff

GPE DOES NOT ENDORSE THIS INTERVIEW. This one, Permit, volunteers. Some perks to pushin’. Gate Fair people and Useless Liberal Gate Degrees. The Gate skinner box. Escape velocity. A lot of overnights. Generations of feelings. The Phallus Palace. Knocking departments. Superglue mgmt. Consent in the hole. Kaiser is death panels. No moar dept gossip. The Live Journal Pump Raiders Project Theme Camp Gaming Convention Emeritus. Fuck you, I’m in Staff Land. The Lyft drivers. You will be mercilessly ribbed. Car attack! The far side of playa. You’re the universe. Pastel black. High tolerance for boredom. Plus, rest in piss, my man. Also, we have a YouTube channel.

Music by Tate Robertson

Photo Credit: Arsenic (IG @LightAlchemy)

A note from Permit:
“When this was recorded in December, 2019 I was under the assumption that I was on the autism spectrum. In January 2020 I had a neurological assessment and in February 2020 I received a diagnosis of OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder). ASD and OCPD have very similar symptoms, but their treatments and coping strategies are very different. I recognize the privilege that I have in that I was able to pay out of pocket for an assessment and diagnosis and not everyone is so fortunate. I want to express to my fellow neurotypical/neurodivergent folks that your self-diagnosis is valid and I support your efforts to exist in a world that is not built for us. However, I would also encourage you to get an assessment if you have the means to do so. Understanding the nature of what makes me act and think the way I do has been more helpful to me in the last 18 or so months than anything else in my life. I hope you are able to get the same foundation for yourself.”

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