S05 E13 – A Big-Ass Pagan Twist

CONTENT WARNING: Military Sexual Trauma. Neko the Fucking Fairy. #SharpTinkle. It’s important to have a code. Someplace from Sandman. Glitter Water Tinkle Piss. Burn differently for success! A little bit of Cafe party. Pulling over POCs. Marcy Pigpen. Do the thing so we can do the thing. The problem with “those” people. Get your showers at Media Mecca. Asshole location. Pet goat sounds. Stupid judgy douche bags.
She’s got to get the wieners. Beth conflates kids and kinks. Whatever “The Boov” is. Here comes this Oontz. Also bored! Plus, D-day wanders off.

Music by: Midtown Social “Candlelit”

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