S05 E03 – Presenting as Gate

The Black Hole

We will get you laid. More Malört, always more. Calamity. Commodifying sobriety. We are now proudly missing deadlines. Stephanie. Please don’t eat food cooked on or in non-food service metal. Fluffers provide life support. Plus One. Fuck Dennis Kucinich, apparently. Throwing the C-suite under the bus. Gate Obtuse Director. Beth doesn’t know Deadmau5. Baby Boy v. Turnaround. Spires need the right number of spire-doers. The 420 ballista. Gate loves loving on Gate. We have deaf camps. Cones and saws on busted-ass cars. Makeout Queen consents. Bat Country does not collect $200 but does pass go. We keep everything in. BLEEPED because BLEEP. Black and Tans deal with their doodies. Also, a giant inflatable dick assault. Plus, Perimeter and Exodus.

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