S05 E02 – Aim High & Do Low

We met Han Cholo & Lazy Fuck at the first A3rd live show. Easily impressed by dragons. Diego Rivera. Paco delicious. D-day makes clothes from 90s dork-culture. Children’s Theatre. There are no good Eric Roberts characters. The 9-11 of the DMT of boxing. 9-12 year old boxing. What the fuck, psytrance?! The Moop Master. Change your hoses and belts, willya? One Sponge Bob; one dog. 420 @ 69. If you don’t know Cell Space, you can’t know Cell Space. Rex made a “hot” pun. More Animal Control, we guess. Humor First, Safety Second, Other People’s Feelings Last. The Ice Strategy. You’re fine if you suck-off shit. Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping. B. F. Skinner’s Choke-A-Tron 8000. Scumbag alley scumbags. Also, historically, only D-day dances. Plus, a subtle Spaulding Gray reference. Also-too, Code Adam says “Papa.”

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