S05 E04 – The Downside of Armpit Hugging

Sass is part of the Internet now. All the volunteer jobs. D-day did not have the ups to ruin the spiderweb. It’s always someone else’s dome. Rattan usually sucks. A ticket and a tee and also fuck Elko. Balloon Chain. Anal Balloons. Soap bubble balloons. Balloon around the world. The People’s Republic of East Davis. unSCruz brings it on green grass. Fragile art and fragile people. Do you like airplane jumping? Tweakers be whittling. You can bring rebar to the scrapyard?! Underpants gasket. Introducing Rex as Smart Lenny. We bless the hail down in Mexico. Also, when this episode comes out the world is worse than we thought it would be. Plus, why won’t Crimson Rose come on the pod?

Photo Credit: Todd Gardiner

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