S06 E04 – S06E04 – We’ve Got Poison Ivy


Talking to Xeno about Pyropolis. Glitterbomb got a burner name & John is a newbie & Xeno is a known quantity to a certain extent. So, do you want to go to Flipside? We are publlicizing it. 20 years of Wonderlounge. C.O.L.D. Camp. Hanging Gage from things. Shit might go fucking haywire. Xeno is always moving. “DOING EVIL IN THE NAME OF GOD AIN’T RIGHT” Someone tell John his friends are going. Macguffin salt. Subsumed into the cosmos. Flinging chunks. The Cold Camp Pruno Situation. DJ Lady Vitamins.

MUSIC: That Damned Band, “Trainwrekk’t”

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