S06 E03 – It Burns when I Come

KC and a lot about Illumination Village. Crimping cables & novel concepts. What’s hurting YOUR butt? Nestled in Ill Ville. Sam’s angry tree. One line limits. Dry Fountain. The 2022 camping sitch. 50%s. Muddin’ Faire: Blue Collar Cosplay. Burning, kids. Ardent group. Hatebik’s Cube. Dance Dance Immolation. The Danish run. 2π(r). Charcade. Extra-Spicy Fire. Merrie Maladies. More than the default. Lightning on Demand. What do we need about Temples? High Schoollumination Village. 80,000; 16:1. Zen and the Art of Simon’s Struggles. N Theory Mechanica.

MUSIC: Me Rex, “Lager Door”

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