S05 BB17 – Cafe Expectations

There were 2022 announcements. Rich people: now with the same rules as actual people. No more commercial rentals. Unique = placement. Share your placement nightmares with us, maybe? No coffee nor shop in 2022. What happened? What’s going to happen? Validations. The money thing & history. Rexggestions. Volunteer for BRC. No reason to despair. Coffee Shop volunteer concerns. Performance art gallery. No carpet while we’re at it. 2022 here we go.

Music: “Candlelit” by Midtown Social https://www.midtownsocialband.com/

2 thoughts on “S05 BB17 – Cafe Expectations

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the recent podcast. We know it’s not easy to get together on short notice to produce a burn barrel with an hour or so of very good information and fun conversation. There has been a considerable amount of your time and energy spent on all the years of this work and we appreciate it! Thanks for discussing the recent news from the org and giving us all the insight not included in the Journal or JRC. Wishing you all the best of luck and fun in 2022. ❤️


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