S05 E17 – Weirdout Wednesday

He is a certified doctor of Yesology and he says, “Yes.” Burn Dot Life. Electric kazoos and many awfullest cheapest instruments. Remember Ryan Zinke’s BLM extravaganza of illegal bullshits. The road Pigs. Dildo Akbar’s service to the cause. Gross-Out First Thing Thursday Morning. Not ever, not EVER. Catch as catch can. Hi, Hug Deli. The applause conspiracy. The Drunk Bob of BRC. Workers rights royalty. Make America Punch-Fist Again. Scholarshipping. Polarized lens. Extreme-o weirdos. They’re not art. Templing. Diffusing Thunder Dome. Archetypal Rangering. Not a joke (x2). Not our composer, Lizard. Tiny noises. Waste-based culture.

#WeirdoutWednesday #BurnDotLife #MomTattoo
“My Favorite Things” – Burning Man version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4waa6wy7cSw

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