S04 E16 – Wherein Your Hosts Utterly Fail to Introduce their Guest (Featuring Pete Crash)

We’re all friends with Soup Soup Soup Flavored Blankets. Buttercup from some other Buttercup’s Camp Buttercup. Newbie crab-free zones. Noodles and the first actual radio. Rides for soup. The apps. #throatgoals We play games! We’re all poly now. What about your titty wagon? Best flavored beacon. Under the face of Noodles. Prepare for your present. Rex is the asshole. How will our soup stay sopping? Random Trump nuzzlings. OUP. Come early, feed the art. The scary tent conceals the fucking. Contracting a glue baby. Timesharing plug & play camps. The A3rd MLM and you. We like the courts; the courts that go food. Clean the vegan out of your shits. In a book of crappy jokes. Playa names to be proud of. Do Not Climb lives. Also, the best sound cue. Plus, “douche canoe.”

SFB’s shitty Yelp reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/soup-flavored-blankets-black-rock-city-3

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