S04 E15 – Getting Hand Skills

Flaming Lotus Fundraising Fire Flies. Hundreds of people. Fifteen pieces. Worldwide. Cell Space. Noise Bridge. The nerd community. The Box Shop, Sonny Barger, Hells Angles, and Hunter S. Thompson. Serpent legs and all. How did it go before the apps? Friendship Mfg. Co. The piece is your friends and family. Desiccated Flying Locust Girls. A step further than Burning Man. Nearly killing Caroline. Fourth of Juplaya, 2008. Getting out now. Beautiful creepy stories of friendship. Loud Party at Orgy Tent. What about wool? Baba Yaga does it right. Plus, just-in-case business cards for ASMR.

Photo credit: “Color Firefly” by Rhiannon Maple

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