S04 E04 – The Color of Our Culture

Benny is coolneon.com. Barbershop Roulette. Patent sequencer. Roller disco as well. The Amazing Race finale. Hmer is horrific. There’s no Pantone for glow. Eye contact with the fire. The love potion slosh. Offense and tackle. The Reno to Sacramento disappointment. Presumptive Light and Magic. We’ve played in lube. A3 @ checkout. Also, the mayor of Burning Man. Plus, butthole Bezos.

4 thoughts on “S04 E04 – The Color of Our Culture

  1. Benjamin James says:

    Hi, Benny here.Thank you Accuracy Third for such a wonderfully edited, and enjoyable interview! Hearing ones own voice is always a strange experience, unless you run a podcast or are in radio, but hearing myself utter the term “chick” during this episode was eye opening for me (to mix metaphors.) The term is antiquated, and I am adding it to “gyp”, and “hysterical” as banished from my vocabulary. One learns something new every day, and some things you have to hear to notice.
    Thanks again for this opportunity.


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