S04 E05 – A Bad Mouthful

Talking to Hot Fuzz about Hot Fuzz. Divorce gifts. JWs react to talking about JWs. Being pretty ginger. Edgar Wright? Right on. Guardians of all sorts. Friends talking to friends all friendly, basically, and a lot of fun was had by all. Also, Rex throws D-day under the bus.

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2 thoughts on “S04 E05 – A Bad Mouthful

  1. Logistics says:

    Hi. Love the podcast. Just wondering why S04 E05 was recorded before Burning Man 2018? I was drunk when I listened so it was very confusing.


    1. accuracythird says:

      Because it takes us forever to go through the audio and edit it and bank enough episodes to start putting them out every 2 weeks and we have jobs and stuff. we’re going to be putting out interviews even older than that this season. Soon, too…


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