S02 E15 – Burning Man is for Amateurs

In our season finale, we talk to The God Box brigade, Darakshan, Miles, & Yay about what the phone booth known as Talk to God Box is all about. Get ready for (in no particular order) Japanese God, Little-Girl God, Take-No-Shit God, the God of Unconditional Love, the God of Gay Marriage, and the God in the Box. The God malfunction, the ballad of Tasty Pickle, the Talk to Bog Bog concept is coming soon, and a DPW receives a gift from God. Also, The World’s Best Knock-Knock joke. Plus, there’s 2 weeks left in our Kickstarter to be better podcasters for you, the people who are reading this. You can find out more about the incredible swag and gifts that can be yours right here: http://goo.gl/xJ2vaV



Photo Credit: Scott London

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