S02 E14 – Hippies in Togas Smeared Across the Playa

Sueno, architect of the the g-d Temple of Promise, tells D-Day & Rex all about designing, building, and burning giant art at burning man. How the Trojan Horse LITERALLY put the cart before the horse. A great idea for a theme camp, what sketch-up is good for, and the Alien Siege Machine nearly kills its creators. We think you’ll probably experience more bugs at regionals, even if there is a river. The overwhelming lightness of being Argentinian. Plus, you should read your ticket, because nothing is up to code in Black Rock City. Also, have you heard about Kickstarter? Apparently it’s a thing for funding, which is what we need, pleasies and thanks you! You can find out more about the incredible swag and gifts that can be yours right here: 



Accuracy Third is given as a gift to the community and funded exclusively by gifts from the community through Patreon subscriptions and PayPal donations.


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