S02 E10 – Participation as Indoctrination: Stories from GLC 2017

Beth & Rex “twinkle that yo” at the Burning Man Global Leadership Conference, which is as familiarly corporate as any conference you’ve seen. But our people dress better, and our hair is as awesome as our tattoos are bad. We talk about several regionals, Kostume Kult, and how we’re doing it wrong. A safety plan for tornadoes. D-Day already knows about permaculture. When to say yes. Blazing Swan is not a bush doof, and Beth exhibits impeccable consent with a previous guest.


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2 thoughts on “S02 E10 – Participation as Indoctrination: Stories from GLC 2017

  1. gagadgagag says:

    Is this a photo of Beth and Rex? Having heard your voices (I’ve now binge listened to all episodes), and knowing you so well aurally, it’s nice to get a visual.


    1. accuracythird says:

      Yep, that’s us. We’ve been a bit circumspect about showing our faces so far, not entirely sure why, maybe just to build intrigue. Now that we’ve met so many listeners, and we’re easily discoverable on social media, maybe we’ll take some glamour shots. Thanks for listening! -Rex


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