S02 E09 – Fuck You & Your Hug

Friend-of-the-Show Xeno moderates a roundtable of DPW hardcases: Monk, Gage, and Frisky Whisky (from S02 E07.) Monk has opinions about voluntourism, worker’s rights, and penetrations. Gage finds his way through the red tape, while Frisky Whisky discovers what’s in the bucket. Friend-of-the-Show Xeno shares his management philosophy and the transgressive chicanery he got into at Flipside. There’s the first installment of the Accuracy Third Glossary segment, and pretty much everybody has multitool on them. Find out about the awful shit we drank, and if you want t-shirts, I guess we’ll design and print them.



Accuracy Third is given as a gift to the community and funded exclusively by gifts from the community through Patreon subscriptions and PayPal donations.

4 thoughts on “S02 E09 – Fuck You & Your Hug

  1. drunkenmumblemintz says:

    downloading so i can listen to this while i touch myself discreetly on the plane tomorrow. love you guys.


    1. accuracythird says:

      I’ve jerked off to many an inappropriate podcast. Get back to me when you are 9/10th of the way there and realize you are listening to details about the death of thousands of starving Irish folk in 1850. I like to think, on our good days, we are more arousing then genocide. ~Beth


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