S06 E00 – 2022 Afterburn: Crotch to Shoulders

McDildo Appreciation Party. The theme art. Covidian Exodus. Last drinks @ the Cafe. Mousepocalypse. Golden Guy Alley. The wrong doors. In the guts. Hot & dusty. Trailing Joe. The Temple Man. Content Warning: The Temple Letter. Rat Lady. Sincere thank yous to that dude.

Thumbs Up: The Railroad Station; DEFINITELY NOT Late to the Party; 1/2 Ass Bounce House; Space Cats Landing; Colors of Nostalgia; The Midnight Museum of That One Time at Burning Man; The Dali Elephants; G-D Fire Skate Park; Wrong Way; Paradise Phoenix; Belt Guy.

Thumbs Down: Diver Up; Selfie Art; not enough patches; unsequenced LEDs.

Fucking please fucking follow Nonsense Man on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ANonsenseMan

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