S05 BB21 – The Vile Fountain

Damian & Rex are Sac Boys. TCTITD. EVs. Yes Please. THOSE people and THEIR area. Damia/ens who pee together be together. Nonmonogamy Advice Booth. Anselm’s vague accents. Camp tops. DaveX 4 Eva. “Flawless” victory. Things my hippie told me. A serious man needs his gears. It’s just death. Smoking in the kitchen. NFT Gen 1. Profits v. Cell Clumps. Who controls the Animal Controllers? Fiddling Man. We love Klown Kore, and so we talk about music the rest of the episode, sry. John Zorn. Ween. Sturgill Simpson. Mosada. Electric Mosada. Estratosphere. Igorrr. Shpongle. YES.

MUSIC: Damian “Mouthtrance”

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