S05 E21 – The Importance of Ordinance

Go fund Ranger Halston: http://gofundme.com/f/eyebeam

Baker Beach Beginning. You got anything new to burn? Shot to maim. HeeBeeJeeBee Healer. Radio Elektra. Shock Collared. Graveyard Dirt Ranger. You’ll have to deal with that. Little infections of Burning Man. Not being freesponsible. Farming. The problem with Worker’s Comp. Also, don’t take acetaminophen. Plus, doggo in the background. August 30th, 2014 Man burn night. Persistent issues. Three to ten miles. Sandpersons. Literally a split second. Brand new issues. How much for how much? Those are great things. #BringBackTheGuns

One thought on “S05 E21 – The Importance of Ordinance

  1. Richard A says:

    At the risk of seeming like “that guy” at this point, I wanted to mention that it appears that Ranger Halston’s GoFundMe has stalled, and is currently not able to accept donations. Perhaps if you have her contact info, you could make sure she is fully aware and working to resolve the problem, so that listeners who want to donate can ‘strike while the iron is hot.’


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