S05 BB16 – Takes One to Know One

Burn Barrel chatting with Whisper. House of the Devil. Where sucks? He should listen to this. Nope. Hammock hangout. Pollination. Wedding camp industrial complex. Plastic Chapel. Child Executive Officers. Morning nudies. How’d we miss the hammer? We’re very big. Places and things all over playa. Weekly Qworld Anon. Secret Listener Q & A Showdown! Let’s hang out. That radical IATSE shit. How cool is the sauna? Your guts should be at ease.

#VolunteerIce #FundOurPraxis

Music: “Deep Playa Wonderings – Incantation Breath (Escher Beat Mix)” by Escher Beat

4 thoughts on “S05 BB16 – Takes One to Know One

  1. Richard Anderson says:

    Hey guys, I enjoy your shows. They take me back to the playa in a raw kind of way. Thanks for that!

    FYI, I seem to be having trouble getting SO5 BB16 “Takes One to Know One” to play. Not sure if it’s me, or at your end, but thought I’d mention it. I’d hate to miss out on one of your efforts!


  2. Richard Anderson says:

    Thanks for the link repair.

    Sure enough, this is another fun and entertaining episode in the Accuracythird saga. I especially like the longer, indepth interviews that you conduct, often with people I might otherwise never have heard of, and yet our experiences overlap. (Ein Hammer really was pretty amazing)

    I think you guys are improving noticably over time. Keep up the good work!


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