S01 BB01 – Surreal & Eminently Practical

It’s ancient unused interview day, with two dogs, two guests on one mic, & there’s nothing you or we can do about it. This was taken out of the vault in remembrance of the anniversary of our dear friend Mikl-Em’s passing. Levity from Cafe & elsewheres. Mikl-Em of Bianca’s Smut Shack et al. At least it’s an ethos. Load. You should be my peeing friend. The worst time of your life. Something we forgot we used to do. Mini migration. The City Metaphor. Oedipal not edible. Also, the world if we ran it. Plus, Mikl was always game and he is missed every day.

Music: Monkey Shave by Thee Harlequine

The late, great Mikl-Em. R.I.P. my friend.

One thought on “S01 BB01 – Surreal & Eminently Practical

  1. Steve Garriott says:

    Bianca’s Smut Shack… Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time… a long time… It’s amazing how everything is connected. I lost my internet virginity to Bianca, and to think it was connected to Burning Man is incredible. I’ve never been to BM, but I’ve read so much about it. My son and his significant other, on the other hand, have gone several times now. At least for my son, it was in part because of my interest that he started investigating it here in Seattle. Eventually he connected with a group here at Equinox Studios. He met a metal worker named Tabasco and has been a part of their group that regularly puts together art works for the burn. Thanks for confirming the fact that synchronicity rules the universe… Your podcast is the greatest! I pounce on each new episode. It’s my way of being a voyeur to those who’ve gone to BM. When the video was active, I would leave it running during the week just to feel as if I was a part of things. Someday I’ll go. It’s just a matter of time. Thanks again.


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