S05 BB04 – Burn Barrel Chat: Eclipsed Mailbag

Commercials for cartoons. JRS and social media Burning Mans. Ren & Stimpy, Rocco’s Modern Life, and Danger Mouse. [Scat!] Mailbag: D-Day’s ADD can’t Advanced D&D from Brian the Temple Guardian. Bex, Reth, and D-day. Ozark & 3.5 dads & Tiger King. Vermin Supreme?! The Employer’s Feed. DJ Same DJ is pigeon.heart on Spotify. A3rd is also Spotified. [Scat!] Mailbag: Mohawk John’s voodoo reiki dolls. Us playing Eclipse on YouTube now. We want a soak. Victory Mead. The Society for Creatively Anachronistic Drug Use. Also, Rex and Beth like the same video game. Plus, one of us knows that Night in the Woods is really not that good.

MUSIC: Midtown Social “Home” https://www.midtownsocialband.com/js_albums/fc-album/

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