S04 E02 – Cluck Norris, Nevada Ranger

He’s actually DJ Recoil. Floating jam session. D-day was an art car scofflaw. The lessons learned from art cars. Having-friends camp. Burning Man is doing a super-green thing. The trouble with Stardust and DMVs. Rex has an electric bicycle and likes talking about electric bicycles. For a while, it’s like Motor Trend, but with art cars. Also, Studio MK04.

One thought on “S04 E02 – Cluck Norris, Nevada Ranger

  1. Anderson says:

    I think the UV drawing project was my art piece, Light Hazing 2011. We took a smaller piece of it the next year, now a little is still on our land in joshua tree with my other old projects. the fabric was a glow in the dark nylon, so not burn able. We couldn’t do it again anyway because of the laser policy, and people stole all of the lasers, cutting the steel cables.


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