S04 E00 – 2018 Afterburn

The Accuracy Third postmortem from Burning Man 2018. End of the world bartending. Pawing at jaws for friendship. “Taco Castle” by Nonsense Man. Reintroducing Hotwire. Burning Australia. Introducing Andy-Bag. Hey, Fuckface. The Pommy in the bush. The Naked Pub Crawl experience. The BIA is awful and has always been the worst of us. D-day’s darkest night in Black Rock City leaves him angry and sad. Doctor Bronners’ camp should go fuck themselves, but we don’t entirely agree on why. Explody anvil perimeter. A Shake Weight contest. The shish-car-bob VS the danger swings. Truth at Burning Man is hearsay. The art was so very art this year. Plus, Decibeth is the Bethest. Also, Rex has certain doodies.

Taco Castle:

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