S03 E15 – Swamp Donkeys at the Temple of Surrender

Slim Dusty. ‘Roo man. Effigy Superstar. Burning Swan VS Blazing Seed. Kiwi Burn & Modifier, too. Australia is cooler than Burning Man. It’s 39.4 feet. Borg Spies. 3 guys named Jeff. What does BONZAA have to offer? A putrid shopping bag full of ‘roo meat. DPI. Paddock is the playa. Australia has a lot of the longest things. Well-skilled bushmen. It’s bigger than a ‘roo scrote. Also, eskimo siblings start the global movement. Plus, Aussies don’t know what blazers are, and this is Slim Dusty: http://www.slimdusty.com.au/ Photo Credit: Onur “The Angry Turk” Karaozbek


One thought on “S03 E15 – Swamp Donkeys at the Temple of Surrender

  1. eric rebollo aka big E says:

    LOL good story but not quite true. I am BIG E i was brought over to blazing swan by frankie to do a large Gas mine like the one i did for Nuclear Dream at burning man 2014 we did it successfully on Friday night. I am from the United states by the way. I recommended we didnt burn on the initial burn night which we didn’t. On the night they burned the swan of which i had nothing to do with it did actually burn down my friends tent who was traveling with me the fire consumed the tent and some possessions but his visa survived. we smoked some weed and drank more booze afterwards lol. Blazing Swan is Awesome and so are the people………. See ya soon you cunts. BIG E PS i slept outside fuck the mossys


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