4 thoughts on “S03 E05 – This is Xeno

  1. Hot Damn says:

    Ok how do I leave a comment – it’s raining in Seattle and I am cracking up listening to the Mad Max music in this episode. A++

    Like when “but we’ve never had dinner together”, but then suspense music?


    1. accuracythird says:

      Aww thanks! Beth was inspired, and I love what she made with this. I’ll make sure she sees your comment. Enjoy the rain, we’re missing it down here.

      Thanks for your attention!!! It is our food.


  2. Erin Grubbs says:

    Hey there, Beth. I am SO happy to find someone who also thinks art is “absolutely dispensible” to their burn. I live in South Florida and am fringely affiliated (and a ‘fan’) with our regional Love Burn. The scale of art is…..visible snark. 🙂 But the building and connections are clear, since I am a local. Anywhooooo…..glad to hear I have a kindred spirit of art indifference. Big fan of your podcast. Thanks!


    1. accuracythird says:

      I’m so glad I’m not alone! Rex is in it for the art in a way that I have never understood. Maybe it’s because my whole adult life has been working on/for art? I have a lot more fun with the bad art out there. There are some great laughs in the tour of broken art. But I’m rarely ever moved by the art (okay the catacomb of veils got me…) and I’m constantly being moved by the humans, the play and the building of things together. To be fair the art that moves me most is profoundly critical of the human condition. It’s often not pretty, instead it’s brutal and powerful. I have yet to see big art on playa that really criticizes it’s (our) own culture. Which is where the power in art lies for me. Until then? It’s just a pretty backdrop for the blatant humanity that surrounds it.


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