S03 E00 – Afterburn 2017

We’re on hiatus until this Winter, but in the meantime, Rex, D-day, & Dj Beth wanted to share some of their Burning Man 2017 experience with you. Accuracy Third met Narc-Narc, hung with tons of our listeners, and accosted Friend-of-the-Show Xeno. We sampled some of Burning Man’s best and worst bars, the three of us raver-dance with raver toys, and do we have a Rough Burn? We do. You can’t be a nerd if you dress all in black, there’s a sweet triumph for everyone, something terrible happened, and we need you to volunteer for Burning Man. Patreon? We’re on that shit now, and we’re on a lot of other stuff, too. Also, extra audio.


Photo Credit: LeighAnne Riise

Accuracy Third is given as a gift to the community and funded exclusively by gifts from the community through Patreon subscriptions and PayPal donations.

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