S02 E12 – I Loved You, & That’s Why I Called the Cops

Carolina Sunshine is a fabulous engineer who makes a lot of things and solves a lot of problems with trash. There’s academicizing Burning Man, the playa problems of Dan Love, a lot of saying “trebuchet” in not a lot of time, and much mouth noises and singing. Carolina Sunshine gives us the Reno 411 on the City jail, before we discover the biggest betrayal of all. We invite you to party with Accuracy Third on playa, because we’ll be on playa, partying with or without you. Also, Rex thinks he could probably cook some meth, so send him your recipes!


Carolina Sunshine Photo Credit: Rae Candent


Accuracy Third is given as a gift to the community and funded exclusively by gifts from the community through Patreon subscriptions and PayPal donations.

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