S02 E07 – Get Your Things, We’re Going to the Hospital

Relay & Frisky Whisky are joining Accuracy Third today with Friend-of-the-Show Xeno, as we delve into some really terrible things that happened at Black Rock City. Beth gets hurt by some great friends in quick succession. Water & pain meds do not help Relay’s headache. Frisky Whisky learns a lesson about gravity. Basically, some truly awful shit happens to everyone in Xeno’s orbit. D-Day makes some truly distressing noises, because he can’t control his empathy. In our first Playa Post segment, Rex reads a listener’s comment, who refutes our 2015 deep Playa experience. Also, we get promise rings!

Music by: TreyZilla

Accuracy Third is given as a gift to the community and funded exclusively by gifts from the community through Patreon subscriptions and PayPal donations.

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