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Han Cholo & Lazy Fuck are sheltering in Las Vegas for the Quarioting. We check in with them amidst the madness and tumult.

Intros and outros for Heebie Jeebie Healers and David from KALW plus Mailbag and a bunch of back-and-forth.

Swag Whores – Rex and D-day tried to make an ad for Beth wanted to take it in a longer, weirder direction, so you’ll get to hear that soon on the regular feed. But for now, enjoy your short, weird weirdness.

Season 4 “Preview” – We had a ton of episodes edited and ready to go because we did a lot of hard work last season (and then we brought Hotwire on board and he edited like a maniac for a month.) So, we recorded a bunch of intros and outros all at once and talked to you, our wonderful Patrons for a while!

Quite possibly the worst thing we ever did. Bear witness to our original opening test, that we thought we’d start every episode with! (We’ve learned a lot these past four years…)

Intro/Outro outtakes from Alan and Scott & Jeremy. Just LISTEN to the focus and professionalism we display!

Awesome and inane outtakes from S03 E14 featuring Poni

February 2018 trying to get work done but getting sidetracked and arguing about art and performance.

Thank You & S03 Outtakes

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