Accuracy Third is doing the thing that Accuracy Third does, but LIVE! You’ve heard us with your ears, now hear us with your faces!

What do we have to offer you in terms of excitement?

  • Storytellers from our podcast:
    • Creampie (Princess of some renown; Camp Risley)
    • Gage (DPW)
    • Rex (Co-Host of A3rd)
    • D. J. Beth (Co-Host & Editrix of A3rd)
  • Storytellers you’ve never heard before:
    • Gabriel (Listener-submitted story)
    • Mikl Em (Cacophony Society; Bianca’s Smut Shack)
    • Magenta (Burning Man volunteer)
  • Musical guest: John Flaw (Vagabondage)
  • All hosted all night by D-day & Rex!

May 5, 2018
8:00 – 11:00 PM
$10 @ the door or online.

Little Boxes Theater
1661 Tennessee Street, Suite 2S
San Francisco

HOW TO GET INSIDE: Dial 101# at the callbox, take the lobby passenger elevator to the 2nd floor, take a few quick sharp Lefts (past a red freight elevator) and take a Right turn down into the larger hallway. You will find us down on the right hand side, past Lightsource.