S05 E24 – An Amazing Journey with Somebody Special

Anji Bear asks us to take some breaths. Dust people. The Poly Asylum. So, Bozo. Those motherfuckers. No one is camped here. All drug dogs are dumb drug dogs. All white men: 6:00 AM. THOSE KIND OF NERDS. Electric sex. Aussie rats. Canuck customs. Fuck you, Burning Man, fuck you, fuck you. Sacred medicine seeking behavior. #NarcCoin

MUSIC: Jurgis Did & Fantuzzi “Love Warrior”

4 thoughts on “S05 E24 – An Amazing Journey with Somebody Special

  1. Scott Miller says:

    The Israeli psytrance camp – was that 2015 around 9:00 & K? Because I really hope they never got a chance to come back and do it AGAIN. Worst neighbors we ever had. Had to get a trespass order against one of their campers before the gate even opened, and they left a ton of garbage on the playa.


  2. OG Cabbie says:

    I get it of the idea of this pod cast, but; she 100% brought illegal stuff on BLM property (to share will everyone 80K people she admitted) and admits it was illegal and admits it was her fault and 100% admits it was her fault she got caught, and fucked her camp and every camp around her; so I don’t get the 96 mins of complete bitching of how dare BLM do this to me because I’m an privilege white sparkle pony. .

    Fuck this woman for being so completely stupid and fuck you the pod caster for giving this woman time and saying “on you poor woman, bla bla bla”.


    1. accuracythird says:

      Please stop listening to our podcast, Narc. We believe that laws limiting the personal use of your body are inherently unjust, as is the inhumane treatment that law enforcement inflicts on those they deem criminals. Criminals who are made criminals by the prohibition that was enacted to control a certain element those in power deem unworthy of bodily autonomy and civil rights. Kindly go fuck yourself, OG Cabbie, and keep going to fuck yourself until you get your head screwed on straight and discover a wellspring of empathy within you.


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